Whether an item can be delivered directly from stock or whether there is a delivery time on a product, you can see at 3 moments in the BLUE during shopping:

With the article

Firstly, for most articles on the detail page of the article you can see if the item is in stock or if there is no stock delivery time.

In the shopping cart

You can also find the delivery time during shopping by viewing your shopping cart

My Account / order

If you log in to your account, you can find the delivery time per article for your order. Your order must then have the status "processed".


Almost all items are in stock with us and are entered in our order system.

If an item is pre-order, this means that the item is not in stock at the moment, and different delivery times apply.
If the article is unexpectedly exhausted for a longer period of time or is no longer available from our suppliers, we will inform you.
You can then choose to cancel the order and have the amount deposited.

If it is stated on the website in advance that the article will be out of stock for a longer period of time and you decide to order, you will be sent no additional mail to you.
If canceled, additional administration costs will be charged for crediting your invoice and returning your payment.

If you want to be sure when the article is back in stock, you can contact us via:


You can choose to have the package delivered to your home or pick up the package yourself at a collection point in your neighborhood.

At home delivery post ( will deliver the package, both for Belgium and the Netherlands.
You have the option to insure the package.

For Belgium and the Netherlands, it is also possible to pick up the package yourself at a Kialapoint.
They can be found in a supermarket, petrol station, newsagent or other local shops, see on the website or
You determine when the order is to be delivered (you choose a Kialapoint and mention this with your order).
There is no option to insure the package.

3. What is the difference between a home delivery and a collection point?

For home deliveries the packages are delivered with signature for receipt or neighbor delivery.
At the pick-up points Kiala there are ample opening hours to collect your package yourself.

4. How does the delivery of my order work?

Home delivery

For home deliveries, the Postnl driver will use hand terminals where proof of delivery, an electronic (digital) signature can be delivered to the door or the package can be delivered to the neighbors.

Postnl can deliver the package to every person (above 16 years) who opens the door at your home.

The package delivered to neighbors can you by a note on your door indicate which neighbor you choose to receive your package.
In Belgium, the package will be offered 3 times. Each time a notification will be left.
If you are not present after 3 times the package will return to

In the Netherlands the package will be offered twice.
If you are not at home, a notification will be left.
After the 2nd attempt the package will go to the nearest collection point where your package will stay for 14 days.
If it is not picked up by you by then, the package will be returned to

5. How much does a delivery of a package cost me?

Home deliveriesin Belgium up to 20 Kg. = € 5.95 / insured = € 7.45

Home deliveries in the Netherlands up to 20 Kg. = € 5.95 / insured = € 7.45

6. When will I receive my order?

> Orders that are in stock and before 16h. ordered and paid for, will normally be delivered by Post within 24 hours.
Deliveries at home by Post are made from Monday to Saturday.
For Kiala shipments you must count 3 to 5 days.

7. Can I follow my package?

Yes, both at postnl and at Kiala you can follow your package with a Track & Trace nr.
Upon request, you as a customer can request the Track & Trace from us to follow your package

Pay attention ! It can only be followed when the package has been delivered and scanned.

For TNT shipments you must go to the website of
For Kiala shipment you have to go to the website or, under heading 'following my packages'.

We would also like to point out to you that when you follow your package, internal transport terms are sometimes used that are sometimes not clear to a private individual.
An example: at Kiala they used the transport term, returned to HUB.
This means that your package is on its way to the sorting center.

8. What should I do if my package has not arrived?

1) First check the track en trace code, where the package is, or the next delivery attemp.

2) You contact ( if something is not ok.

3) We always have a Track & Trace code to follow your package, and will start an investigation to find out what went wrong.

9. Will any damage / loss be reimbursed?

From the moment that our orders are delivered to the carrier, Topproducts can no longer be held responsible if a package is missing or has suffered damage.

Damage will only be reimbursed by Kiala (in accordance with the CMR conditions, approximately € 10 per kg) if the package has been handled carelessly during transport and if the package is missing.
In case of visible damage to the package, to have this confirmed at the moment you receive the package.
In the event of non-visible damage, you must notify as recipient via the contact form, within a maximum of 7 days from delivery of the package.
You must then pass this on to

Damage or loss of an insured shipment Topproducts will contact the customer service of mail and if it appears that the insured package has actually disappeared Topproducts will arrange the insurance formalities with Postnl, so that your lost damage (up to € 500) will be reimbursed.

Pay attention ! If Postnl has not received notification within 30 days after the day of the offer that the consignment has not been delivered, that it has been damaged or delayed, or that the transport agreement has not been properly executed, Postnl assumes that the delivery of the package in accordance with the service framework.



If you are not at home, Post NL offers the package twice or delivers it to your neighbors If the address you provided is not correct you will receive an e-mail with the request to check the address and where necessary modify. After the third delivery attempts the package will return to us or it will be delivered to a collection point.