Fire protection

In Belgium, a fire takes place every 53 minutes!

Every year, about 10,000 fires in buildings cause numerous deaths, burns and material damage in Belgium. Nearly 80% of fire deaths are the result of house fires. Source
Most of us don't expect to fall victim to a fire. Yet there are about 27 fires in Belgium every day!

Do not wait until it is too late, but take timely measures to protect your valuables.
Even good insurance is no substitute for your cash, jewelry, sensitive documents, computer media or other valuable property.

Always protect your irreplaceable property against fire! Vital and irreplaceable paper documents (tax returns, certificates, diplomas, customer information, personnel files, contracts, etc.) have high emotional value or are critical to any business and must be protected from fire.

Companies are expected to take additional measures to protect their sensitive information.

Precautions to prevent fire

A fire spreads very quickly. In a matter of minutes, the fire can become uncontrollable, posing a real danger to people. The price of a fire can be very high: a death, your house, the household effects, souvenirs ...
However, in most cases you can prevent fire by taking some, sometimes very simple, precautions.

Our Tips

* Never smoke in bed
* Never throw a burning cigarette in the trash, in a basement window or in a sewer grate
* Never use fire alcohol to light or ignite a barbecue
* Keep lighters, matches and pyrotechnic equipment out of the reach of children
* Handle flammable liquids (ether, white spirit, stain removers ...) carefully in a well-ventilated area
* Do not use clear flame candles or other decorations near flammable materials
* Ventilate rooms in which gas appliances are installed
* Have the chimney cleaned at least once a year


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