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Gerbing Remote controller R-PDTC

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Gerbing Single Remote Controller with 1 rotary knob can only be used in combination with Gerbing's PDTC controller. With the remote rotary knob you can control the temperature of 1 or more connected Gerbing garments. Gloves have a separate heat regulation due to the integrated push button.

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This remote only works on controllers that are equipped with a receiver (production from December 2020). The portable digital temperature controller can be attached to any fixed object using Velcro-style patches for easy removal when away from your vehicle.
The Remote is safe to use in any weather condition (UL listed).

Which T°controllers are compatible with this remote?

  • Only the new Temperture Controller PDTC
  • Pay attention! This remote cannot be used in combination with the 12V junior controller or 12V TC-Single controller.

Features Remote:

  • Easy to attach (within reach) with Velcro to any fixed object.
  • Small in size (5x5.5 cm) and equipped with 1 rotary knob.
  • Rotary knob easy to operate.
  • Remote Control has 5 positions.
  • The setting of the Remote can be read on the display of the temperature controller.
  • Water resistant.
  • The button cell battery in the Remote is easy to replace.

OpgeletPlease note We do NOT recommend using the Remote Control while participating in traffic!

How do I connect Gerbing-Remote with the Gerbing PDTC -T°Controller?

  • Make sure the remote control and remote are within 1 meter.
  • Connect the T°controller to the vehicle's battery and press the main controller's push button (which you have attached to your jacket) for 3-4 seconds.
  • The letter A will then flash on the controller.
  • Turn the knob on the remote.
  • A number (1-5) appears on the controller.
  • The remote has now been successfully paired with the controller and is ready for use.

Warranty: remote controller 3 years


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SKU 8719481823863
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