Glove-Boot dryer Universal Dry-AD2 Alpenheat

Glove-Boot dryer Universal Dry-AD2 Alpenheat

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AD2 model has 3 different air adapters and can dry 1 or 2 pairs of (hand) shoes at the same time. Suitable for all kinds of footwear, whether sports, casual or everyday street shoes. The flexible and extendable ventilation tubes that reach right down into the toe area are especially recommended  for drying high boots.
The air blower can be set continuously or with a timer up to 180 minutes.


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The UniversalDry has an effective solution for fast and gentle drying of wet shoes, accessories and (high) boots. A strong yet quiet fan blasts air into the garments, optionally with a continuous mode or timer mode, so that all kinds of shoes, boots and gloves can be dried quickly but also careful. The different attachments fit every blow outlet and offer you a flexible solution for every kind of garment.
To save space in your room, you can also mount the drying device on the wall.


  • Free-standing or wall-mounted.
  • Powerful air fan.
  • Reduces bacteria and unpleasant smell in shoes.
  • On-off mode (continuous) or timer mode up to 180 minutes.
  • 2 heat settings / High or Low.
  • 3 different air adapters that fit on each blow outlet and can be individually combined:
    *Adaptor for one pair of shoes or gloves.
    *Adaptor for two pairs of shoes or gloves.
    *Adaptor with flexible tubes for 1 pair of boots.

How should I dry the gloves or accessories?

  • Make sure that you do not cover the air intake fan so the unit can not overheat.
  • In order not to impede the airflow when drying gloves, it is important to turn the cuff (wrist part) of the glove.

How long does it take to dry clothes?

  • Drying time averages 1 to 2 hours, however it can vary depending on temperature and humidity, as well as the size of the garment.
    Footwear and clothes of a smaller size dry faster than larger items.
  • Dry sport shoes after every workout to prevent bad smells, athlete's foot or bacteria.
  • For dry-blowing boots, we recommend to dry them for at least two hours each time after use.

Which footwear or garment is suitable for the UniversalDry from Alpenheat?

  • Helmets or other headgear like hats.
  • Garden gloves, working gloves.
  • Ski gloves, motorcycle gloves, cycling gloves.
  • Ski and snowboarding boots, ice skates.
  • After use or after cleaning, dry your sport footwear.
  • The only shoe dryer with flexible pull-out tubes, with which you can optimally dry your boots.
  • Wellingtons, winter boots, riding boots, hunting boots, fishing boots, hiking shoes.

How do I use the shoe dry blower?

  • Read the supplied manual before use.
  • The appliance is only for indoor use in dry rooms.
  • Connect to an outlet with the correct Voltage / frequency range of the device.
  • Place footwear or clothing over the drying tubes.
  • Place (heavier) items diagonally to keep the dryer in balance.
  • Select the "HIGH" or "LOW" heating cycle.
  • Choose continuous dry blowing "ON" or determine the drying time with the timer.

Package contents:

  • 1 Boot-shoe dryer UniversalDry - AD2
  • 3 different adaptors.
  • Wall mounting kit.
  • Instructions: EN / DE / FR


Additional Information

SKU 5999882764078
Weight 1.5000
Activity Cycling, Motorcyclists, Winter sports, Scooter, Hunting, Equestrian, walking, Fishing, Fishing, Golf, Hill walking, Mountaineer, Outdoor living / camping, Quad riders, Running, Snowmobile, Ultralight flyer, Water sports enthusiasts
Voltage 230V AC / 50Hz


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