Grabber warmers

Grabber Handwarmers

Grabber Handwarmers

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Cold hands? These small heat pads are perfect to keep your hands warm. Easy to use, the hand warmer activates within minutes and continues to operate at full power for more than 10 hours. Ideal for jacket, trouser pocket or glove and perfect for taking along during outdoor activities.

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For anyone who likes to stay outside during cold days. The hand heat pads provide comfortable warmth and are simply to use, without the danger of burning by the use of microwave or hot water. The natural ingredients contained in the lightweight warmers are activated by air (oxygen). Do not shake or knead, just open the package and within a few minutes you can enjoy warmth for hours.


  • Heat duration +10 hours.
  • Heat from min.57° to max.69°C.
  • Non-toxic, no fire hazard and odorless.
  • Light and compact, ideal for on the go.
  • Activation with air, instant heat within minutes.
  • Environmentally friendly ingredients.
  • Suitable for any outdoor (sports) activity such as; skiing, hunting, fishing, hiking, golfers.

Which ingredients contain the heat pads?

  • They contain 100% natural raw materials such as; iron powder, water, cellulose, vermiculit and activated carbon.

How does the heat process work?

  • Activation time, warm-up time and maximum temperature may vary due to the oxygen content of the environment.
  • A slow oxidation of the iron powder in contact with oxygen causes the heat to be released, salt and water have a function spreading the warmth. Active carbon and vermiculit serve as a water reservoir as well as a catalyst that accelerates or slows down the chemical reaction.

Instructions for use:

  • Open packaging and take out handwarmers.
  • Place handwarmers in gloves, trouser or coat pockets.
  • Heats up within minutes.

How do I remove it after use?

  • The Grabber warmers are disposable products and can be disposed in regular household waste after use. They contain no toxic or hazardous substances.

Can I use the heat pad only once?

  • There is a small trick to use it several times. With an airtight package you can stop the (heat) reaction, then activate it again at a later time by removing the warmer from this air tight environment. The warmer can be used to the max. specified operating time on the packaging.

Shelf life:

  • Unopened for several years, even after expiration date, they continue to work for a while.
  • 03/2027

Package contents:

  • 1 pair handwarmers, separately removable


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SKU 031626800460
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