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Nesti Dante soap Lavanda- Dei Colli Fiorentini

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The soothing lavender scent creates an oasis of relaxation, this was also known to the Romans who used these beautiful purple flowers to perfume their bath water. Only a few drops are needed to mitigate tension and stress and to regain serenity and balance. The lavender soap with restorative properties is completely natural, free of sulphates, parabens and synthetic surfactants.
Made with Love and Care.


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An aromatic journey through the beautiful landscape of the Florentine hills. Fresh flowers and plants that have grown naturally in the Tuscan countryside for centuries are the inspiration of these excellent soaps. Rich and romantic, made for the well-being of body and mind.

What is the fragrance of the soap?

  • Lavender, a fresh Mediterranean flower scent

Which qualities has the Nesti Dante soap?

  • Vegetable oils and high-quality raw materials from the Tuscan region are used as much as possible, as the inspiration for all soaps.
  • Nesti Dante soaps are solid, durable and environmentally, free of sulfates, parabens and synthetic surfactants, often responsible for allergies and irritation of skin, hair and eyes.
  • Fine Natural soap with active and organic ingredients.
  • Dermatologically tested.
  • Incredible hard soap.
  • All natural, 100% biodegradable.
  • No animal ingredients, only pure whole plants oils from sustainable cultivation.
  • Nesti Dante products are not tested on animals.

What are the advantages of traditional saponification instead of continuous saponification?

  • Nesti Danti soaps (Saponi) are prepared with respect for the centuries old tradition of the true Italian 'Saponeria' classic soap-boiler method.
  • The use of raw materials as whole neutral fats, allows a qualitative selection of each individual material.
  • Thanks to the presence of the glyceride fraction in these fats, one can obtain a richer and more softening soap.

Where Italian soaps are made?

  • Since 1947 until today they use this rare traditional method to make artisanal soap in their business in Florence-Italy.
  • Nesti Dante’s philosophy is, linking optimum quality with a sensitivity to all things that are natural and beautiful.

How long are Nesti Dante natural soaps sustainable?

  • Once opened 36 months.
  • Tip: Put the soap after use on a dry surface.


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