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Scentchips Drake 03 Angelique BPP48-ANG

Scentchips Drake 03 Angelique BPP48-ANG

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Colorful scented wax chips release a delicious aroma of vanilla, caramel and honey when placed in the ceramic burner. The heat of the candle melts the fragrance cube and leaves a warm atmosphere in your home. Divided into 4 cubes for a wonderfull and intense fragrance experience up to 28 hours.

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Drake home fragrances are developed in the region of Grasse, known as the capital of the perfume industry. This Provencal region is surrounded by fields of perfumed flowers, which have been cultivated with respect for tradition since the Middle Ages. The use of these qualitative concentrated extracts in the perfumed wax melts allows you to enjoy an long lasting scent experience.

What is the fragrance of Angelique Nr.03 from Drake?

  • A warm scent with sweet accents, comparable to the perfume Angel by Thierry Mugler.

How do I use the scentchips?

  • Use only 1 quarter of the wax melt tablet.
  • Put the fragrance cube at the top of the scentburner (inlay bowl).
  • Place a non-perfumed tealight in the intended opening at the bottem of your fragrance burner.
  • Light the candle, the heat melts the scent tablet (liquid),and releases a wonderful fragrance in your room.
  • Do not add water or oil !
  • When blowing out the candle, the home fragrance melt takes back a solid shape.

How long can I enjoy the the home fragrance?

  • Drake scentchips are high-quality wax melts, they provide an intense and prolonged fragrance.
  • The complete square wax chips gives 24 to 28 hours fragrance.
  • 1/4 part (1 square of the whole) = 6 to 7 hours scent experience.
    You can often quench the candle in the scentburner after 30 min. because the delicious scent has surrounded your room completely.
  • The scented wax can be used several times, although the intensity of the fragrance will decrease over time.
  • Indication: after use of + - 2 tea lights or if you notice candlewax scent, it is time to remove the residue.

How can I remove the scented wax chips?

  • Warm up the solid wax cube the candle until it is released from the scentburner.
  • Blow out the candle, you can slide easily the remaining melt wax.
  • Clean with kitchen paper or a cloth.
  • Ready for new scentchips.

Are all fragrance burners suitable for the scentchips of Drake?

  • Normally the inlay dishes of most scent burners are sufficiently large to place 1/4 of the scentchips. Note, that if you put more in it, it does not overflow.
  • The fragrance chips must melt but should not completely evaporate by the heat of the candle. If this happens, you need an other fragrance burner (distance between candle and bowl must be greater).
  • Already used fragrance burners must be thoroughly cleaned before using Drake scentchips. Pay particular attention to dark spots or edges.
  • Remains of other products that contain other ingredients can generate a reaction, such as splashing.


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