Schoendroger Alpenheat 12V DC CIRCULATION AD6

Shoe dryer Alpenheat 12V DC CIRCULATION AD6

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The 12V Circulation is a light compact dryer, easy to take with you on a trip. With 12v plug directly connectable to the battery of your car, caravan or boat. The shoe dryer circulates air at around 30°C by convection, without fan and has a built-in UV lamp to combat bacteria. Ideal for drying but also perfect for warming shoes.
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Never again cold or wet shoes! The 12V DC Circulation dries, heats and removes unpleasant odors due to the presence of UV Light. Easy to connect to the 12V cigarette lighter of the car. No use of a fan or other moving parts. This shoe dryer works with the unique "venturi system", in which cold air is sucked through the lower openings and heated (+ -30°C) while pushing under high pressure through the upper air holes. The unobstructed vents ensure good air circulation that shortens the drying time.


  • 12V car plug.
  • Built-in UV light to reduce bacteria.
  • Air circulation holes.
  • Integrated spacers.
  • Lightweight and compact to take with you.
  • Easy to place in any shoe or boot.
  • Warms Very quiet. in minutes and dries in hours.
  • Also available with 220 volt household plug / model AD9

The AD6 from Alpenheat is suitable for?

  • Useful heat dispenser perfect for preheating shoes or boots.
  • Drying with antibacterial effect for sweaty and wet shoes.

Package contents:

  • 12V Boot dryer- warmer.


Additional Information

SKU 9120045422238
Weight 0.2600
Activity Cycling, Motorcyclists, Winter sports, Scooter, Hunting, Equestrian, walking, Fishing, Fishing, Golf, Hill walking, Mountaineer, Outdoor living / camping, Quad riders, Running, Snowmobile, Ultralight flyer, Water sports enthusiasts
Voltage 12V DC


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