12V Heated socks

12V verwarmde sokken Gerbing

Heated socks 12Volt Gerbing

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The brand new heated socks from Gerbing, made from breathable 4-way stretch material, are more flexible than before and ensure a pleasant wearing comfort. The connection wire to the heating element is fully integrated in the knitted sock, with the connection plug neatly incorporated into the elastic top edge. Simply connect directly to the battery of your motorcycle and you are provided with wonderfully warm feet, ideal to wear from 5 ° C and below.

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Heated socks

Cold feet are one of the most sensitive parts of the body that are quickly prone to cooling and cramping, an unpleasant experience while riding a motorcycle. There is only one solution to prevent this, namely the electrically heated socks from Gerbing. Both the underside and the instep of the foot are cleaned with the MicroWirePRO & reg; micro sized heating wires surround with a homogeneous heat.


  • Extra long socks up to knee height.
  • Connection plug at the end of each socket.
  • Made from a lightweight wicking 4-way stretch acrylic.
  • Wearable over bare feet, or over an extra (thin) sock.
  • The extremely thin heating wire is almost imperceptible.

How can I connect the socks to the motor?

  • By connecting directly to a 12V vehicle battery using the supplied 12V connection for Gloves / Socks.
  • Or via the Gerbing pants, with plugs at the ends of the legs.
  • Or connect heated socks to the jacket lining accessory plug (if used) via the supplied Y-cable.

Which temperature controller can I use?

  • If you only use socks, you can use a 12V junior controller.
  • If you have a jacket, and the Gerbing reborn gloves with pushbutton, you probably have already the PDTC Portable Digital Temperature Controller. 
  • Combination socks with gloves (without push button / models for 2019) a 12V TC-Single portable controller in combination with 12V Splitter CXSP
    Please note! You are limited to 1 temperature setting for both garments.

  • Or 12V TC-Dual portable controller, with which you can determine the T ° of both garments separately.
    You always only need one connection to your vehicle's battery.


  • Avaliable in Black
  • Wide elastic top band
  • Constructed with 4 way stretch wicking fabric
  • Heat is on the bottom of the sock toward the toes and on the top toward the toes
  • Incorporates Gerbing’s Microwire® heating technology that uses micro-sized heating fibers to surround the foot with warmth
  • Lifetime warranty on the Microwire® heating elements.

Can I also use the socks without the motorcycle battery? Yes: this is possible with a battery KIT.

  • With a separate, rechargeable 12Volt battery, in connection with your socks by means of a long Y-cable CXY.

  • You can choose the BK5AHKIT or the more powerful BK10AHKIT (KIT = battery + charger + remote).

Battery capacity in combination with 12V socks
Stand 3 :  +- 2.5 uur Stand 3 :+- 5 uur
Stand 2 :  +- 4 uur Stand 2 : +- 8 uur
Stand 1 :  +- 7 uur Stand 1 :+-14 uur

The duration of the rechargeable batteries may vary depending on the outside temperature.
Capacity decreases as it gets colder.
Below 0 ° C the battery will still have a capacity of about 80%.

For whom are the 12V heated Socks suitable?

These socks are intended for motorcyclists, or other vehicles such as Quads, ultralights planes, who suffer from cold feet at temperatures <5 °.

In which sizes and colors are Gerbing's electric 12 Volt heatable socks available?

The socks are available in black, and in the sizes:
- Extra Small (36-37)
- Small (38-39)
- Medium (40-42)
- Large (43-44)
- Extra Large (45-46)
- 2x Extra Large (47-48)

Advantages of the Gerbing 12V socks

-Available in black.
-The top of the sock is finished with a wide elastic hem.
-Seamless stretch material fits snugly on your legs. Made with 4-way stretch fabric.
-Heat at the bottom of the sock to the toes and the top of the toes.
Features Gerbing's Microwire® heating technology that uses micro-sized heating wires to surround the foot with heat.
-Lifetime warranty on the Microwire® heating elements.
Socks up to knee height and wearable over bare feet or worn as an extra sock.
The top of the sock is finished with a wide elastic hem.
Left and right foot ensure the best fit.
Heating under the foot to the bottom toes and from the top foot to the top toes.
The heated socks are equipped with Microwire® heating wire, not felt
Breathable and moisture-regulating material prevents sweating.
Included with Gerbing 12V heated socks: Battery connection cable + Long Y-cable

What do you need to use this product?

Battery connection cable included
Long Y cable included
optional Single or Dual Temperature controller Optional

Technical properties of the heated 12 Volt socks from Gerbing

Microwire® technology. , very good and even heat distribution.
Energy source 12 Volt (motorcycle, scooter, car, plane) or separate battery
Power consumption 16.8 Watt / 1.4 Amps
Surface T °: 57 ° C at -2 ° C to 2 ° C


See Warranty Tab


Additional Information

SKU 2061256637837
Season Autumn/Winter, Spring/Summer
Activity Motorcyclists, Scooter, Bellyboat, Professional user, Raynaud's disease, Ultralight flyer
Voltage 12V DC
Current 1.4A / 16,8 Watt
Warranty Gerbing
Heating zone Toes bottom, Toes top


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LIFETIME warranty on the heating elements!

Some people who are new to our heated clothing naturally worry about how well the heating elements will wear over time. No matter how often you crumple your heated clothing to fit in a stuff sack, no matter how many years you own your heated clothing, we are confident that our heating system will continue to function flawlessly. How confident? The answer is a lifetime. To quote from our warranty card.

When you purchase a Gerbing’s heated garment within Europe, the electrical components of the garment are warranted to be free from factory defects in materials and workmanship for the lifetime of the garment.

Over decades of experience in manufacturing electrically heated clothing gives us an understanding of what you need and how best to provide for your needs. For Gerbing, lifetime really does mean lifetime.

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It is important that you charge your battery regularly and that you maintain at least 25% of your battery power when not in use or left idle. Batteries must only be used with products with an amp rating less than the maximum capacity output rating for the battery.

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