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Grabber Toewarmers

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Cold toes? The toewarmers from Grabber offer a quick solution. The self-adhesive thin sole is specially designed for the toe area and fits in every shoe. Simply open the package, air activates the warmer within a few minutes and continues to work at full power for more than 8 hours. Pleasant warmth that you can always count on.

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The half-soles with rounded top, extend into the extreme range of the toes to the forefoot. They are specially designed to work in a low-oxygen environment of a shoe or boot and can even applicable to non-slip socks. The heat pads are easy and for immediate use without risk of burns due to heating in a microwave or hot water. You do not have to shake or knead them, the natural heat process starts automatically after a few minutes through the contact with air.


  • Heat duration +8 hours.
  • Heat min.36°C to max.46°C.
  • Self-adhesive heat path.
  • Non-toxic, no fire hazard and odorless.
  • Thin heat sole and pleasant light.
  • Activation through contact with air.
  • Environmentally friendly ingredients.
  • Do not use directly on bare feet.
  • Suitable for any outdoor (sports) activity such as; skiing, hunting, fishing, hiking, golfers, diving with drysuit ect .

Which ingredients contain the heat pads?

  • They contain 100% natural raw materials such as; iron powder, water, cellulose, vermiculit and activated carbon.

How does the heat process work?

  • Activation time, warm-up time and maximum temperature may vary due to the oxygen content of the environment.
  • A slow oxidation of the iron powder in contact with oxygen causes the heat to be released, salt and water have a function spreading the warmth. Active carbon and vermiculit serve as a water reservoir as well as a catalyst that accelerates or slows down the chemical reaction.

Instructions for use:

  • Open the packaging and remove the toewarmers.
  • Heats itself by air in a few minutes.
  • Remove the protective paper and stick it under or on the sock.
  • The heated insole can also be placed on the shoe bottom.

Useful tips:

  • Do not wait until your toes are freezing, but use them as your feet still have a normal temperature.
  • It is recommended to use the footwarmer before going outside.
  • Provide sufficient oxygen in the shoe, if they are very dense, you should stick the warmer on top of the socks.
  • It goes without saying that good winter shoes better keep the heat inside.

How do I remove it after use?

  • The Grabber warmers are disposable products and can be disposed in regular household waste after use. They contain no toxic or hazardous substances.

Can I use the heat pad only once?

  • There is a small trick to use it several times. With an airtight package you can stop the (heat) reaction, then activate it again at a later time by removing the warmer from this air tight environment. The warmer can be used to the max. specified operating time on the packaging.

Shelf life:

  • Unopened for several years, even after expiration date, they continue to work for a while.
  • 06/2026

Package contents:

  • 1 pair toewarmers, separately removable


Additional Information

SKU 031626800453
Weight 0.0320
Season Autumn/Winter
Activity Cycling, Motorcyclists, Winter sports, Scooter, Hunting, Equestrian, walking, Bellyboat, Climbing, diving, Fishing, Hill walking, Market vendor, Mountain Biking, Mountaineer, Outdoor fairs, Outdoor living / camping, Parachuting, Quad riders, Raynaud's disease, Snowmobile, Ultralight flyer
Rechargeable NO
Heating zone Toes bottom


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